smart grid Solutions
Smart Grid Solutions
self-powered IoT device for a dynamic and global monitoring of the electrical grid
integrated to create smart devices
A talented and pasionate team
A talented and pasionate team
with more than 10 years of experience
Seal Of Excelence
The power of Innovation
The power of Innovation
Creative thinking as a way of life

Energiot provides the next level for asset monitoring for
Distribution and Transmission System Operators

Self-powered IoT, the new paradigm

In the near future, we will have over a trillion sensors and electronic systems that will be capturing information, talking to each other, sending info to the cloud and computing everything. In order to have this big amount of sensors we need to get rid of batteries and have systems that don’t need them. One of our main objectives is to power all these tiny smart sensors by using piezoelectric generators to harvest ambient energy. The future of the Internet of Things goes together with the development of self-powered smart systems!
The Internet of Everything, going down in size and power, increasing autonomy and new value!


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Do you want to get rid of batteries or artificial energy sources? Do you need an install & forget device? Are you trying to extend the lifetime of your electronic application? Do you need hundreds of sensors to create smart environments and get bid data or perform data mining?
We can help you! We would be happy of solving your problems!

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