About Us

Our Vision

Nowadays, there are more than 3.500M of electronic devices sensing parameters, processing the information and sharing it to the cloud. In the next year, this number of sensors will exponentially increase to create smart environments. A new era of a hyperdigitalized and superconnected world, this is the Internet of Things.

However, there is something missing in this great concept, how to power supply all these new devices?

Currently, they use batteries, however with the increase of the number of devices and the variety of locations, the replacement or recharge of these devices is simply impossible. On the other hand, around us, there are several ambient energy sources such as light, heat, motions or vibrations. Especially interesting is the mechanical energy, because it can be found virtually everywhere.

Therefore, our vision is to collect this energy and convert it into electricity by using, among other, our innovative piezoelectric materials and structures.

In that way, we develop autonomous, miniaturized and smart wireless sensor nodes which are  great candidates to be active part of the constellation of devices of the Internet of Things.

No matter, what kind of application you are working on, we can find the way of getting rid of the battery dependence!

Help us to have a smarter and cleaner world!


Our Story

The concept of EnergIoT is inspired in the research work that Gonzalo Murillo carried out from 2007 to 2011 during his PhD. After working in different countries, research centers and companies and specially motivated by the entrepreneurship course University to Business (2012, Univeridad Autonoma de Barcelona), he decided to bring these research ideas to the market. Working at IMB-CNM (CSIC), with other researchers and engineers, they proposed to start EnergIoT from scratch as a start-up company project (CSIC spin-off) in the program Engega organized by UAB, Fondo Repsol Emprendedores and KIC Innoenergy. After being selected as 1st finalist of this program, finalist of the KIC Innoenergy Awards, Novel innovator under 35 Spain and Most Novel Innovator under 35 in Europe  in October and November of 2016, we decided to make our vision a market reality.

This is EnergIoT, our dream, your reality.

Meet the Team

We are a multidisciplinary team with talented and vibrant people. There is no problem that we can not (try to) solve. We are not just a group of trustable professionals but a big family. where every meeting is a boiling pot of creativity. We are open to any new idea or suggestion!

Gonzalo Murillo

Founder & CEO

Electronics engineer and doctor in microelectronics with entrepreneurship education and vocation!

Pablo Ribeiro

Chief Business Officer & Co-founder

MBA at University of Barcelona and business specialist at Endeavor


Jaume Esteve

Technical advisor & Co-founder

Research professor at CSIC with experience in creating start-ups

Apart from the managing team, we are happy of counting on different Electronic and Mechanical engineers as part of the Technical Department and several motivated interns.


Raul Gomez

IoT Platform expert

Electronics and Telecommunications engineer and doctor with outstanding experience in IoT platforms

Jose Velasquez

Jose Velasquez

Product Engineer

 Electrical engineer

Eric Nieto

Eric Nieto

Product Engineer

Telecommunications and electronic engineer

Also, by means of a collaboration contract, we have the support of the technicians and rest of staff of the IMB-CNM. Thank you!

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Don't hesitate in contacting us if you are interested in requesting a quote or proposing a collaboration...

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