Use Cases

Dynamic Line Rating

Maximize transmission on power lines, knowing the SAG and clearance.

Smart Monitoring

Detect power faults, ice, fires, fraud, and other accidents.

Predictive Maintenance

Energiot's Heath Index to monitor performance and asset security.

Bird protection for powerlines

Avoid bird collisions with bird detection and repulsion.

Improve smart grid applications and enable a clean energy transition

Reduce operational and maintenance costs

Know events before it happens. Reduce accidents and recurrent manual inspections.


Intelligent grid map

Act based on facts.
Interactive map of the electric grid with real-time data.

Optimize investments

Plan ahead. Increase infrastructure utilization to plan better investments.


Become more sustainable

Use green sensors to help you integrate with renewable energy.

Works in any power grid asset

Power lines

  • Works on any type of material and voltage.
  • Identify overheated powerlines and possible accidents.


  • Avoid the failure of any type of insulator by controlling its life span and monitoring corrosion and pollution.


  • Discover corrosion, dust, and ice on towers that affect their lifetime.
  • Know when towers need to be cleaned


  • Monitor any type of equipment in substations that might need to be replaced or require recurrent maintenance, such as breakers, transformers, and conductors.
Energiot use cases for smart monitoring

Know more about our innovation

Energiot's team has more than 10 years of experience working with energy harvesting and piezoelectric materials. We are using this tech to change the electrical market and other utilities. Contact us to know more.

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