Energiot vibe

A device focused on converting ambient vibrations into electricity to self-power electronic devices for the Industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance.

Energiot grid

Device that harvests energy from electric grid without any electrical connection to self-power autonomous wireless sensor nodes for smart grid applications.

Energiot pipe

Designed to collect energy from fluid flux for monitoring of utility distribution networks. -still under development-


Our products...

We cover three different applications related to Smart Industry 4.0, Smart Transport and Smart Utility Distribution. In addition, we offer a Development Kit which would allow you the possibility of exploring our energy harvesting concepts and adapting them to you application. Also, we can study the design and fabrication of your ad-hoc devices if your application does not fit our portfolio.

Development kit also available

In addition, we can provide development kits that can be adapted to any application. They consist of a generator prototype, the low-power wireless sensor node, the microcontroller programmer and the documentation to adapt the system to your application. If you are interested in purchasing it, please contact us!


Towards the Internet of Nanothings

In addition, our new nanomaterials and microdevices allow us to get tiny autonomous smart devices that can even interact with the human body! A future global Internet of Things, inside and outside of us, allowing to get big data from our environment and our body. The future is today...