Smart Grid Monitoring Solution

Energiot grid is an IoT smart device that monitors your grid assets, helping you to enhance your services,  reducing your operational and maintenance costs.

Self-powered Wireless Sensor Node


Piezoelectric energy harvesting from
magnetic fields.


Ultra-low-power microcontroller with sensors.


Low-power, long-range RF communication.


Inexpensive devices for global deployment.

Smart devices for a smart grid

IoT Node

IoT Network


Distribution System Operators

  • Prediction of grid issues and accidents.
  • Rapid detection of power cuts, frauds, and energy losses.
  • Power distribution prediction and optimization of SAIDI and SAIFI.


Transmission System Operators

  • Real-time calculation of Dynamic Line Rating (DLR).
  • Monitoring of physical asset parameters and other KPIs.
  • Optimization of transmission for distributed generation (integration of new renewables).
monitoring smart grids

What are the main parameters monitored?

Derived information:

Pollution measurements, voltage, conductor inclination, current through a conductor, corrosion/saltpeter, wind direction and intensity, ampacity, radiation, partial discharges, shielding current, and electric field.


Where can be installed?

Because we use our patent piezoelectric energy harvesting technology, Energiot devices can be placed in any part of the grid without the need for batteries.

> Conductors, Towers, Insulators, Substations, Transformers.

> Aerial and underground lines

power lines

Reduce up to 20% of your operational and maintenance costs

Grid Analytics

Grid Analytic Platform

Energiot can integrate the information of our sensor nodes with your management system.

We are also developing a Grid Analytic software with data intelligence and machine learning to boost your smart grid applications.

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